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Re: Wake on Lan across subnet
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Re: Wake on Lan across subnet

At 8:14 AM -0900 11/14/06, Bob Henry wrote:
An archive search on the subject line advances the notion that WOL from 10.200.30 to 10.200.31 is not possible using ARD. Is this an axiom or an opinion? Please advise. Using ARD 2.2 mostly panther clients some tigers in the brush also. TIA

It's a characteristic of WOL which, AFAIK, is independent of ARD.

There is a trick however. If you have a machine on the remote LAN that doesn't sleep, such as a server, you can control that and then issue the WOL command from that machine. I've done that, waking workstations at one school, using the local server at that school, under control of my workstation at another school.
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