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Re: Status is just showing VNC
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Re: Status is just showing VNC


Thanks,  that did the trick... 


Arnold Nefkens

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On 18-nov-2006, at 5:08, Hanx wrote:

On 18 Nov 2006, at 05:24, Arnold Nefkens wrote:

A client of mine has a Mac Mini located in a hosting centre, so it has a public IP. But I keep seeing the status of this MacMini as VNC On. And nothing more. I can just observe and control, but I'm unable to use ARD as I'm using it on my local LAN. 

The Mac Mini is running Mac OS X 10.4.8, FW is enabled, and in the FW I created a separate rule set which allows the following ports: TCP: 3283, 5900, 5988, UDP: 3283 and 5900 to be open, But to no avail. Is there someone who recognises this problem? And knows the solution? Or is it just not possible? 

You may want to check with the hosting centre and request them to open the ARD ports to the Mac mini's public IP.

I had a similar case with a new Xserve at a hosting centre and everything is fine once I got them to let ARD through.

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