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On Nov 19, 2006, at 2:23 PM, John C. Welch wrote:

On 11/19/06 14:08, "Tim Brennan" <email@hidden> wrote:

IHAC who would like to be able to use ARD to login to all clients at the
same time as a local administrator so he can accomplish some tasks, rather
than going from machine to machine and logging in...
I've seen nothing in the ARD guide or online for this command...
I'm sure it's a simple command that can be blown out using Send Unix
Command. Any ideas appreciated.

What is he trying to do that would require him to physically point and click?

I can think of a few things... mostly annoying ones.

the answer to the OP is on Page 140 of the ARD guide.

"Logging In a User at the Login Window"

involves an OSAScript command.

I know... because I asked the same question of the list a while back.

Paying it forward...

-Allen Hancock

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 >Re: UNIX COMMAND FOR LOGIN (From: "John C. Welch" <email@hidden>)

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