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ARD 3.1 locking my OD mobile admin account out.
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ARD 3.1 locking my OD mobile admin account out.

I'm seeing a problem with the Apple Remote Desktop 3.1 client and the Open Directory mobile user I use with ARD to administer my Macs. When I installed the ARD 3.1 client on a (thankfully!) small group of Macs today, after the install they all showed up with "Access Denied". On the Macs that had SSH on, I was able to verify that my login credentials were correct and that re-setting up my access privileges using kickstart did not fix the problem. What ultimately fixed the problem was uninstalling the 3.1 client with kickstart and going back to the 3.0 client. Has anybody run across a similar issue yet, and how have you fixed it? If it helps, the OD mobile user is set so that it doesn't have a network home but it is set up as a local admin on the boxes being administered with ARD.

The error message I'm seeing in the logs (hostname and username replacing actual host and user info: 

Nov 20 14:30:40 hostname ARDAgent [222]: entry not found for admin



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