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Re: about detecting hard drives with problems
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Re: about detecting hard drives with problems

On 11/21/06 8:24 AM, "Steven Kolins" <email@hidden> wrote:

> Figuring out an ARD command to look for drives that might be failing....
> So far I have
> grep "I/O" /var/log/system.log
> which shows I/O errors - not all I/O errors are signs of a drive failing but
> in larger numbers it's worth a look. But it only looks in the current
> system.log - older system.logs are .gz'ed and I don't know how to search
> through them.
> diskutil info / |grep "SMART"
> which shows current SMART status - but I've seen that few drives report SMART
> status to diskutil - if you check with the gui Disk Utility it often reports
> SMART status for a drive that diskutil doesn't.
> Anyone know another way to probe SMART status?
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> Steven Kolins
> Alamance-Burlington Schools, NC USA
> LanTech/Mac Systems Tech
> 336-570-6060x110

To read the a .gz'ed log file, simply 'gunzip -c' it. For example:

   gunzip -c /var/log/system.log.0.gz | grep "I/O"

Peter M. Bukowinski
IT - Sr. Support Analyst
Janelia Farm Research Campus
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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