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Re: about detecting hard drives with problems
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Re: about detecting hard drives with problems

On Tue, November 21, 2006 9:17 am, Steven Kolins wrote:
> Steven Kolins writes:
>>diskutil info / |grep "SMART"
>>	which shows current SMART status - but I've seen that few drives report
>>status to diskutil - if you check with the gui Disk Utility it often
>> reports
>>SMART status for a drive that diskutil doesn't.
>>Anyone know another way to probe SMART status?
> OK. I've figured out one big detail but still don't know all the
> implications.
> compare
> diskutil info /
> with
> diskutil info disk0

/ is a volume. /dev/disk0 is a device.

This gets confused some as diskutil will accept either for some verbs. For
example when making a RAID I can use a disk identifier like disk1s4 or
just call the volume name /Volumes/foo.

> and the second usually reports SMART status.

That's cause it's a disk.

> Now what does it mean if diskutil info / reports SMART status?!

It's probably just diskutil trying to convert the logical path to a
physical device. I would always call the device to prevent confusion.

Remember that disk numbers are dynamic on Mac OS X though. :)


Josh Wisenbaker
U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, B, A, Start for your server

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