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checking hd health via ARD
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checking hd health via ARD

So I've been working on this for a couple days now and gotten some results from
the field though it's early....

grep "I/O" /var/log/system.log
	most machines report nothing
	a few report 1 - 3 errors across any number of days or months (machines tend
to get shut down each night so the logs don't get rotated.)
	a very few report large numbers of I/O errors.  We're talking ~25 out of ~2500
computers with a dozen errors a day.

diskutil info disk0 | grep -i fail
	most machines report noting
	a very small number report failing - about 5 out of 2500
	a tiny number report not-supported - about 2 out of 2500

All together, with an incomplete survey of the available hd's, I'm finding
around 1% have some signs of problems.

Of these 30 or so machines that I've flagged, three have been hand-checked and
all of them are reporting media errors and all had to be replaced because
erasing them failed. One of those was on a principle's who wondered why things
were so bad on the machine - and we got his machine backed up pretty well
before trying to erase it.

Still looking for better ways to do it....

It bothers me that
diskutil verifyDisk /
works in terminal but not in ARD.... ARD says "Could not unmount disk" if the
machine runs panther.

diskutil verifyVolume / curiously works much more of the time but panther
reports as "succeeded" whereas tiger reports "verify/repiar finsihed" so you
have to grep for the volume line which will have appears to be ok or not....
Curiously a few machines fail even that way....

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Steven Kolins
Alamance-Burlington Schools, NC USA
LanTech/Mac Systems Tech

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