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Re: ARD client causes insomnia
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Re: ARD client causes insomnia

At 12:49 AM 11/22/2006, Brent Helgerson wrote:
I started monitoring network traffic and noticed numerous connections
to port 5900.  I typically can't go more than 10 minutes without a
new connection attempt.  This traffic seems to be the cause of the
insomnia.  If I block TCP access to port 5900 using a hardware
firewall, the machine will go to screen saver and then sleep on
schedule.  Again, this is not a practical solution because I need to
control this particular machine via ARD from outside my LAN.  Port
5900 needs to remain open to the outside world.

You have several options network/firewall-wise:

1) Block 5900 from the outside world. Use a VPN when you need to use ARD to control the machine. OSX Server provides a VPN server, and there are several other free software packages that make it very easy to set one up without OSX Server as well.

2) Do you *really* need it open to the whole world? Seriously? Do you travel to North Korea, China, Brazil, Argentina, and Guinea regularly? If not, surely your firewall rules could be more restrictive. Perhaps you almost always use a particular subnet or two when you are external to your LAN? Enable access to those subnets only.

3) If VPN is for some reason not possible, and if you only need VNC access to that machine (not other ARD control functions), enable VNC access on that machine and use an SSH tunnel to control it via VNC with a client such as Chicken of the VNC.

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 >ARD client causes insomnia (From: Brent Helgerson <email@hidden>)

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