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Re: Setting NTP servers & polling them
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Re: Setting NTP servers & polling them

On Nov 27, 2006, at 1:53 PM, Andrina Kelly wrote:

On 27-Nov-06, at 11:32 AM, Chris Waltham wrote:

I'm trying to troubleshoot some problems relating to network logins (with the combined AD+OD environments), as Kerberos has very specific requirements for time synchronization.
I'm unable to find a command that actually means "Hey, go out and poll the NTP server right now". So, my question is: does anyone know a way to do it? I have 200 clients, I don't want to either email them to tell them to go to Date & Time, or tell them to reboot. At least, not yet...

Any advice? TIA!

I'm sure there's a more stylish way of doing this, but I'm thinking turn off ntp, and turn it back on again, thus forcing a check...



Jon L. on this list provided me with the simple answer that I should have picked on my own: running "ntpdate -u" on the target machine (as root). This should do it :-)


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