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Re: ARD 3.1 problems with G5 tower
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Re: ARD 3.1 problems with G5 tower

On Nov 27, 2006, at 12:05 PM, Nigel Kersten wrote:

So due to a couple of Xserves dying, I've had to press a G5 tower
into service as a server.

The problem I'm having is that since upgrading to ARD 3.1, I can no
longer control it. I can start a control session, and ARD Admin
thinks I've got a window open, but nothing actually appears.

None of my Xserves have this issue, only the G5 tower, which doesn't
have a monitor attached.

The next step is to try attaching a screen to it to see whether that
resolves the issue, but I was just wondering if anyone else is seeing
the same problem?

--- I had a somewhat similar problem:

OS X Server was running 10.4.7 with ARD 3.0 client. I'm running ARD 3.0 as the administrator. No problems.

After a combo update to v10.4.8 Server (PPC), I cannot control or observe the server. Console log tells me that AppleVNCServer crashed.

I manually uninstalled ARD 3.0 client (see KB #108021), reinstalled the 10.4.8 combo updater, and reinstalled 2.2 client. That seems to fix the ability to observe and control, but the AppleVNCServer still crashes, according to Console.

So I've stopped short of upgrading the client to 3.0, because that results in a loss of the ability to observe and control.

I've also tried repairing permissions and restarts, to no avail.

Interestingly, I have another 10.4.8 server in the office that does not exhibit this problem.

I may give this another shot with the 3.1 client, but this Mac has a deeper problem, I'm afraid.
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