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Re: Setting NTP servers & polling them
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Re: Setting NTP servers & polling them

I had a similar problem and the article listed below helped immensely.
Mac 1OS X 0.4:Network Time clients lose synchronization
gives you the info on setting up your own ntp server and setting the iburst command so that it won't lose time.
It uses the iburst command
I used it on several macs with dodgy batteries so they wouldn't lose time and refuse connection to AD. It works great.
good luck
Chris Waltham wrote:
I'm trying to troubleshoot some problems relating to network logins (with the combined AD+OD environments), as Kerberos has very specific requirements for time synchronization.

In the ARD manual from Apple, it mentions both the UNIX Command Template and the actual UNIX command you can use to set the network time. This is great. My question is, though, how does it work? Let me elaborate: I have a machine which is, say, 5 minutes slow. For whatever reason (let's say because of firewalling), it can't connect to to synchronize it's clock. Too bad. So, I use this command sent out (as root) via ARD:

systemsetup -setusingnetworktime on -setnetworktimeserver

The reply from the client says "I'm already using NTP, but now I've ditched and I'm going with your server". The trouble is, the clock doesn't update -- at least not right away. It's still out by 5 minutes. But, if I go to System Preferences and then go to Date & Time, it polls the NTP server for what the time actually is and, voila, refreshes the clock.

The systemsetup --help flag displays this:

Usage: systemsetup -getdate
        Display current date.

Usage: systemsetup -setdate <mm:dd:yy>
        Set current date to <mm:dd:yy>.

Usage: systemsetup -gettime
        Display current time.

Usage: systemsetup -settime <hh:mm:ss>
        Set current time to <hh:mm:ss>.

Usage: systemsetup -gettimezone
        Display current time zone.

Usage: systemsetup -settimezone <timezone>
Set current time zone to <timezone>. Use "-listtimezones" to list time zones.

Usage: systemsetup -listtimezones
        List time zones supported by this machine.

Usage: systemsetup -getusingnetworktime
        Display whether network time is on or off.

Usage: systemsetup -setusingnetworktime <on off>
        Set using network time to either <on> or <off>.

Usage: systemsetup -getnetworktimeserver
        Display network time server.

Usage: systemsetup -setnetworktimeserver <timeserver>
        Set network time server to <timeserver>.

I'm unable to find a command that actually means "Hey, go out and poll the NTP server right now". So, my question is: does anyone know a way to do it? I have 200 clients, I don't want to either email them to tell them to go to Date & Time, or tell them to reboot. At least, not yet...

Any advice? TIA!


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