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Re: Some bugs and problems
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Re: Some bugs and problems

On Nov 28, 2006, at 1:15 PM, John C. Welch wrote:

Okay, so what kind of upgrade requires this? I’m not trying to be a pain, but there’s a real limited subset of actions where you need physical console access, and perhaps if you explain the precise nature of the problems you’re currently trying to use this for, you might find a better solution that doesn’t rely on UI scripting, which is not generally reliable on a good day.

I agree with you that relying on GUI scripting is a bit of a losing game, but it seemed to work so I went with it.

My goal was to install three different sets of scanner software on a lab of 42 computers, mixed eMacs/Early 2k6 iMacs/Late 2k6 iMacs.  Epson, with all of their wisdom and beauty, only provides installer applications for this that make it rather a pain to actually extract the files I need and figure out where they go.  I can't use the Package Install feature of ARD to handle these.  Since they're disk images that contain an installer application which then calls on Sub-Installer applications, I have to copy over the whole disk image and then run it.

Of course, this has to be done in the admin account, because those installers can't be run without a logged in user.  So I have to log out all the generic student accounts and whatnot and switch over to admin.  Since I'm doing this for 42 computers at once, I'd like for this to be as seamless and autonomous as possible.  For all the eMacs and Early 2006 iMacs, the gui scripting for inputting the username and password into our login window works fine.  For the late 2006 imacs, I have to go around and hit the enter key on all of 'em.  

Then I have to copy over all three disk images, open 'em all up via a UNIX command, and from there I can use GUI scripting to send the necessary keystrokes to enact a default install.  Once they're all done, I can simply restart.

So I can basically automate this entire process, with two exceptions: 1) I can only copy the disk images to one machine at a time, because the ARD Agent crashes if I try two or more, and 2) I have to manually interact with the late 2006 iMacs to log in as they don't obey the GUI scripting properly from the login window.

I've been trying to find other ways to do it, but I can't get past the need to log in to the admin account.  These installers are not well designed (it's Epson...), so they require GUI interaction.  I've had nothing but failure trying to get them to run silently.  I also haven't been able to extract the files I need from them so I can place them manually, which isn't that hard thanks to UNIX commands.  I tried to design my own package to put the files in, but I ran into too many odd things I couldn't figure out when working with the Developer tools to do it (I'm not used to the Package Maker system at all... not much of a Developer, outside of AppleScript).  

Any other means to get the necessary scan drivers loaded up are too drastic.  For example, installing them on the mirror then remirroring... that's unnecessarily overkill for the problem.  I've tried having all of the computers download the files from a file server, but that still locks me into the need to log in to the admin accounts.  Since this is an elementary school lab, the machines spend most of their time in student accounts with no admin privileges.

What else can I do?

Nick McSpadden
Schools of the Sacred Heart
Technology Network Assistant

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