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Re: Some bugs and problems
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Re: Some bugs and problems

At 1:32 PM -0800 11/28/06, Nick McSpadden wrote:
I tried to design my own package to put the files in, but I ran into too many odd things I couldn't figure out when working with the Developer tools to do it

The time you will spend, just one time, figuring out Packagemaker and the associated process will be less than manually installing the software one time on that lab.

Go get FileBuddy from SkyTag Software. Use the SnapShot feature in Administrator mode (option in the program). Do a base snap shot, install the scanner software, do another snapshot afterwards. Have FileBuddy do a comparison for you. It will result in a text file that lists everything that was changed/added. Copy those items to a disk image in the same folder structure. On a machine with PackageMaker, copy the contents of the disk image to a folder. Create a new Package, point it to the root of the folder contents. If you don't know what permissions should be applied, let the Apple suggestions be the guide for you and apply them (part of PackageMaker).
Tell PackageMaker to build you an install package. Use ARD to remotely install it on all of the stations. If you hit a stubborn machine, do the install in subsets (five machines at a time or whatever).


Jeramey Valley
Network Services Manager
Midland Public Schools
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