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Re: Some bugs and problems
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Re: Some bugs and problems

On 11/28/06 15:51, "Nick McSpadden" <email@hidden> wrote:

> On Nov 28, 2006, at 1:45 PM, Chris Waltham wrote:
>> DiffPackageMaker is another, you can find it
>> here:
> All right guys, thanks, that gives me some great starting points.  I'll work
> on this tactic and see if I can get this into a standardized procedure for
> deploying things of this nature...
> Thanks to all you guys' great suggestions and advice!

In general, if you're asking for help, the better way to go is to structure
your question like this:

I'm having <complete problem description>. My network setup is <details
about affected systems>. I've tried/I'm trying <solution that isn't really
working>. Am I on the right track?

That way, you can get better suggestions than you would for "How do I make
<procedure> work."

John C. Welch         Writer/Analyst              Mac and other opinions

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