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Re: Some bugs and problems
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Re: Some bugs and problems

At 02:14 PM 11/28/2006, Nick McSpadden wrote:
They input the user name and password no problem, but they do not respond to the keystroke for return. I can send that single keystroke over and over and over again (sending as root) and it won't make a difference. I have to go around and hit the Return key on each iMac keyboard anyway. Yet, when there are dialog boxes up, I can send the same keystroke return and have it activate. [snip]

While some people have provided some nice suggestions as to how to work around your original problem, there's one more thing I suggest you do: File a bug report with Apple.

If you have an ADC account:


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 >Some bugs and problems (From: Nick McSpadden <email@hidden>)

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