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Re: Some bugs and problems
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Re: Some bugs and problems

Chris Waltham <email@hidden> wrote:

> "John C. Welch" <email@hidden> wrote:>

IIRC either Apple�s package maker or iceberg allow you to snapshot systems. So you take a clean system, snapshot it, install the software, snapshot it again, and see what files get installed where. Then build a proper installer. There�s quite a few people who can help with that, it�s a well-solved problem

DiffPackageMaker is another, you can find it here: http://


we use loggen for snapshots:


then we use iceberg for creating packages for distribution:


the new packagemaker is supposed to be able to snapshot and compile packages. i haven't tried it...used to using loggen/iceberg. :) most of the things you deploy can easily be packaged. some installers write to existing files so you'll have to script (sed/awk) things so your pkg installer updates the file without overwriting. links are a problem too - packagemaker sometimes has issues with certain aliases.

the key is having a clean (freshly imaged) mac available for creating packages.


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