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update: copied apps get corrupted and will not run
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update: copied apps get corrupted and will not run

Just an update if anyone is interested: ARD v3.1 seems to have fixed the bug that results in the problem described below.

I'm trying to copy Adobe CS2 applications, along with all their bits & pieces, onto target machines. All seems to go normally, but the copies either will not launch (just bounce in the dock a bit) or will get further into the process and unexpectedly quit.

I discovered if I copy the app itself over using file sharing, the app is fine. It's just the ARD copy function that breaks it.

I did dig around in the app package, and found that inside the frameworks folder, there is a subfolder called "AdobePDFL.framework", and within that there are some files and aliases. If I replace that folder (by hand, locally), everything works. But in the ARD copy process, the aliases no longer seem to refer to anything, and I have no idea how to get them to do so again.

Arrrgh. What to do? This is impacting nearly all the apps in the Creative Suite.

Some of the targets are running 10.3.9, some are running 10.4.8, all have 3.0 client.

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