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Rendezvous and .NET
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Rendezvous and .NET


Recognizing that this may be off-topic but unsure where else to go:
I'm interested in using Rendezvous to enable the discovery of other instances of our app on a local network.  Under OS X, the app is written in Cocoa, so I expect this to be relatively straightforward, or at least well-documented.  But the Windows version under development is written using the .NET frameworks.  We're happy enough to have some native (non-.NET) code if that's what it takes, but I'm wondering a few things:

1) Is anyone else doing this?
2) Is there any support available, either in the form of a downloadable library or documentation?

Worst case, I suppose, we just download the Zero-Config open source code, compile it into a native library and make the native call from inside .NET.  (In theory, anyway.  That sounds easier than I expect it to be.) But I'd sure be glad to know about others who may have gone down this path before...


Nathan Roberts
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