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Re: Debugging NSNetServiceBrowser
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Re: Debugging NSNetServiceBrowser

On 13-Feb-05, at 11:08 AM, Hamish Allan wrote:

(Replying to myself...)

On Feb 13, 2005, at 15:21, I wrote:

I am just off to try writing code that does the fgetln() in a new thread and then calls performSelectorOnMainThread:withObject:waitUntilDone:NO to communicate the results, which I think might work.

It worked. I had to create and add an empty port to my run loop to stop the run method exiting immediately... perhaps there is a better way to handle this?

I'm not sure about a better way, see below:

From index.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/10000062i

"Note: Regardless of the date you specify in runMode:beforeDate: and runUntilDate:, a run loop with nothing to do (that is no sources from which to receive input) exits immediately. You must add the input sources to the run loop mode before you start the run loop. Other parts of the system may add their own sources to a particular run loop mode, but do not depend on this always being the case. Add an empty NSPort to a run loop if you need to guarantee that it does not exit immediately"

I'd forgotten about empty run loops; they exit immediately.


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