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Re: Program for organizing pdf reprints (p 2)
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Re: Program for organizing pdf reprints (p 2)

(cont from p 1)

WorkLife framework-
Mathematica specific, it isn't really a PDF database specifically but much more in that it is an interesting diary / note system. You -can- use it as a sort of database for your PDFs if you use Mathematica . I've been using a version of MMa that WorkLife isn't quite compatible with yet, but played around this summer using 5.2 and saw some excellent potential there if you're a MMa fiend. I'm sure once the versions get synched up I'll be using it again, as I am a MMa fiend.
Pros- integration into a comprehensive tech computing environment. Cons- same :)

BibDesk - 
I've used BibDesk for quite a while to keep my BibTeX in ship shape. The features keep getting better, seems to remain solid.
When I migrate older papers in I wish that there was better 'grab the information from PubMed' feature like Papers, and a nifty 'find similar papers' like Think. Still, easy enough to work with, you'll be busy if you have a bunch of papers to add... The scripting feature is also useful - clean up capitalizations, massage citations. Lately I've been making the shift from the Think-world because the citation information combined with Spotlight has proven to be more useful than the 'see also' functionality, overall. 
Pros- free and well supported despite this :), features continue to expand, designed for BibTeX (again, useful in my world). Cons- not the prettiest cow at the state fair, but the pros make up for that. Did I mention it's free?

EndNote -
Well, I used it in the mid 90s, back when FrameMaker existed for the Mac <snif>. Haven't seen it since....

Basically I'd like to mate the innards of BibDesk and DEVONthink and put them in a prettier package like Yep or Papers. Depending on your needs each has something to offer, I'd suggest playing with each to see how it fits into your workflow. 

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