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APPLE-SA-2004-02-23 Security Update 2004-02-23
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APPLE-SA-2004-02-23 Security Update 2004-02-23

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APPLE-SA-2004-02-23 Security Update 2004-02-23

Security Update 2004-02-23 is now available.  It addresses the
following issues:

    CoreFoundation: Fixes CAN-2004-0168 to improve notification
        logging. Credit to email@hidden for reporting this issue.

    DiskArbitration: Fixes CAN-2004-0167 to more securely handle the
        initialization of writeable removable media.  Credit to
        email@hidden for reporting this issue.

    IPSec: Fixes CAN-2004-0164 to improve checking in key exchange

    Point-to-Point-Protocol: Fixes CAN-2004-0165 to improve the
        handling of error messages.  Credit to Dave G. of @stake and
        Justin Tibbs of Secure Network Operations (SRT) for reporting
        this issue.

    QuickTime Streaming Server: Fixes CAN-2004-0169 to improve
        checking of request data. Credit to iDEFENSE Labs for
        reporting this issue. Streaming Server updates for other
        platforms are available from

    Safari: Fixes CAN-2004-0166 to improve the display of URLs in the
        status bar

    tcpdump: Fixes CAN-2003-0989, CAN-2004-0055, and CAN-2004-0057 by
        updating tcpdump to version 3.8.1 and libpcap to version 0.8.1


Security Update 2004-02-23 may be obtained from:

  * Software Update pane in System Preferences (Mac OS X 10.3.2
    and Mac OS X 10.2.8)

  * Apple's Software Downloads web site:

    Mac OS X 10.3.2 Client
    The download file is named: "SecUpd2004-02-23Pan.dmg"
    Its SHA-1 digest is: dfe48ca16839e693674cf55995986f11d8282777

    Mac OS X 10.3.2 Server
    The download file is named: "SecUpdSrvr2004-02-23Pan.dmg"
    Its SHA-1 digest is: cde0a40abe3c1451458b15c01b73910b18bc4530

    Mac OS X 10.2.8 Client
    The download file is named: "SecUpd2004-02-23Jag.dmg"
    Its SHA-1 digest is: 4ec49f05f206649353ae20edd9b87ddb0b42a84b

    Mac OS X 10.2.8 Server
    The download file is named: "SecUpdSrvr2004-02-23Jag.dmg"
    Its SHA-1 digest is: 79617234d288d45208531622a38f307a978f82d7

  * QuickTime Streaming Server updates for platforms other than
    Mac OS X Server are available from:

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details are available at:

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