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Streaming sample video stalls and jerks. Need a Fix
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Streaming sample video stalls and jerks. Need a Fix

Hi, I am having trouble streaming video from my server. I have Darwin streaming server installed on Redhat 7.3 wtih 512mb, 233Mhz MMX. The 100kbit sample streams well within my local network but the 300kbit jerks and stalls. I tried accessing the samples from outside my network and both the 300 and 100kbit samples stall and jerk eg rtsp:// I have a router setup with NAT and I am forwarding all the necessary ports. I even placed the server in the DMZ and still got the same results. My cable company says my upload/download speeds are 2mb/300kb per sec. I would really appreciate any help. Strangely enough, the MP3 playlists works, within and outside my network eg

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