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Re: itunes:keywords
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Re: itunes:keywords

On 1/17/06, Ernest Prabhakar <email@hidden> wrote:
> I talked about this some more with Pete.  The rules are basically:
>         a) "," is the officially-recognized delimiter
>         b) if there is no comma, try " " as a delimiter
>         c) none of this really matters, since the keywords are simply
> searched in their entirety

It matters to other software that attempts to be compatible with
iTunes.  My feed parser parses keywords from a variety of sources,
including itunes:keywords, and exposes them into an array.  So
delimiters matter.

>         d) all other XML-friendly utf8 text is legal

Anyway, thanks for these clarifications.  But I can't help but point
out that this is why people appreciate good specifications.
Interoperability is a spectrum.  On one end, there's "I don't know on
the other end, there's "I don't know, let's go ask Pete."

Any word on when we might see a spec for apple-wallpapers (used in
iPhoto's photocasting feeds)?

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