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Multi-button mouse and Jaguar
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Multi-button mouse and Jaguar

OK, I was wrong about my button definitions in the previous posting. The left button was and remains the primary mouse button- 'a simple click'. The right mouse button is 'ctrl-click' and pops up contextual menus, and the middle mouse is option-click. However, In OpenGL code, GLUT_RIGHT_BUTTON maps to 'ctrl-click' in 10.1.5 and that key combo does not activate a contextual window if executed inside an OpenGL window. It does activate a contextual menu in other contexts e.g. Terminal, the DOCK etc.

However, in Jaguar, 10.2 (same code, recompiled of course) 'ctrl-click' now activates a pop-up contextual menu (which I don't want!) in all windows, even an OpenGL window. In addition, in Jaguar GLUT_RIGHT_BUTTON apparently maps to 'shift-ctrl-click' since that works and 'ctrl-click' only pops contextual menus.

What I want is a three button mouse. What I don't want in an OpenGL window is a three part combination (2 keys and a click) to return GLUT_RIGHT_BUTTON == true! Was it intentional to make this change in 10.2 and mess with OpenGL BUTTON mapping? Can one remap the right button in OpenGL so it doesn't conflict with 'right-click' contextual menus in 10.2. For Example, I'd settle for remapping GLUT_RIGHT_BUTTON to command-click if I could do it. Is that possible?

This is just a little frustrating.

For the record, the code is plain old C containing OpenGL graphics, ported from an old SGI to OS X. It was working fine till my buttons fell off in Jaguar.

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