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Re: How to uninstall X11 1.0?
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Re: How to uninstall X11 1.0?

On Jun 28, 2007, at 8:25 AM, SUNAGAWA Keiki wrote:


I'm new to the list.  Searching the archive of this mailing
list didn't solve my problem.  How to uninstall X11 1.0?

I installed X11 1.0 into My G4 PowerBook (updated to 10.4.10
today) and used it for months.  When I tried to update X11
to "Update 2006" , the installer said "This system does not
need this update." and won't install.  BTW, is there someone
actually uses this update on G4 PowerBook?  Using this
update was my goal.

Today I decided to uninstall X11 1.0 and redo everything
from zero.  I don't know how to uninstall X11, so I removed
the following files/directories by hand:

and some /usr/*/X11 symbolic links.

There's also /etc/X11, but the main thing you forgot to delete is / Library/Receipts/X11User.pkg (and the SDK if you have installed that as well).

- Dave

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