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Re: X11 in Leopard: xterm on start-up
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Re: X11 in Leopard: xterm on start-up

On Oct 29, 2007, at 1:55 PM, Benjamin Reed wrote:

On 10/29/07, Rich Cook <email@hidden> wrote:

And from there, in my experience, it goes into a black hole, where
nobody knows if anyone is working on it, whether any progress is
made, or when it will get fixed, or if it even does get fixed.  This
is one of my big gripes with Apple.  I file a bug and have  no way
short of pestering individuals in Apple how it is going.  Can you
guys just track bugs like normal people?  Sheesh.  Microsoft is not

Yes, it's annoying, however, open bugs anyways. The more bugs that are open on the same issue, the more "votes" it's considered to have gotten and it gets higher priority from a release point of view.

(Or so I've heard...)

Ben Byer is obviously committed to making X11 work well, but the more
we vote for the issues, the more likely the release people will be to
fast-track his fixes to an official release, I would expect...  :)

Yes, it's nice to see someone committed to doing the Right Thing at Apple, and X11 has a much more vibrant and open feel than e.g., which as far as I can tell has not changed for years and has bugs I filed forever ago. Then I got a bunch of emails saying "your bug is fixed in Leopard." To me, that means they don't do bug fix releases between OS releases for Blecch.

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