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List Description
2012olympicvideo A common email list for engineers from the four key partners working to deliver the official 2012 Olympics video experience for the United States
Aar-apple-spain List of AARs (non APRs)
Accessibility-dev Mailing list for developers wishing to use Apple's Accessibility APIs
Aperture-dev Help and discussions for developers creating plug-ins for Aperture.
Apple-cdsa Apple's implementation of CDSA. (Common Data Security Architecture)
Apple-help-authoring Tools and strategies for delivering onscreen Help to Mac users.
Applescript-implementors Help and discussions for programmers creating scriptable applications and OSA languages.
AppleScript-Studio For scripters and developers using AppleScript Studio
AppleScript-Users Help and discussions for scripters developing scripts and solutions in AppleScript.
applescriptobjc-dev Discussion list for developers using AppleScriptObjC.
Appleshare-ip Discussion list for AppleShare IP users.
Ata-scsi-dev Technical discussion for developers of devices based on ATA and SCSI
Audsaneetest [no description available]
Audsaneetest2 [no description available]
Automator-dev Help and discussions for developers creating new Automator actions.
Automator-users Help and discussions for users developing workflows and solutions using Automator.
Az-edu AZ Higher Education Customer List
Bluetooth-dev Mailing list for Bluetooth developer discussion.
Bonjour-dev This list is to discuss how to develop applications & devices which use Bonjour.
Boot-dev Developer discussion of the Mac OS X boot process, including EFI and BootRoot.
CA-EDU Discussion list for California K12 Education Technologists
Carbon-dev Developer discussion of programming with Carbon
Client-management Discussion list for Mac OS X client management and using the Workgroup Manager.
Cocoa-dev Discussions regarding native iOS and OS X application developments using Cocoa frameworks
Colorsync-dev developer-oriented discussion of ColorSync implementation in applications
Colorsync-users [no description available]
Coreaudio-api A mailing list for developers using Core Audio and MIDI APIs (C or Java) on MacOS X
Coretext-dev Discussion and help for CoreText programming topics.
Darwin-dev Technical discussion list for general Darwin software development. This does not include Carbon, Cocoa, or Darwin Streaming Server.
Darwin-documentation Discussions pertaining to Darwin documentation.
Darwin-drivers Technical discussion for Darwin hardware drivers.
Darwin-kernel Technical discussion on the Darwin Mach+BSD kernel.
Darwin-userlevel Technical discussion on Darwin user-level software. This does not include Carbon, Cocoa, or Darwin Streaming Server.
Darwinos-users Community-supported help for installing and using Darwin. Use the streaming-server-users list for Darwin Streaming Server topics.
Fed-talk Fed-Talk Discussion list for Apple Government & Government Customers
Filesystem-dev Developer discussions of file system technologies
Firewire This list is to handle Mac OS FireWire development questions.
FL-EDU Apple FL-EDU Mailing List
Fortran-dev Discussions about how to use Fortran on Mac OS X
Goviphone Mailing List for Government iPhone Application Developers
Headerdoc-dev Technical discussion list for HeaderDoc software development and usage
iCal-server A discussion list for users of the Apple iCal Server
Installer-dev Discussion of Apple software installation technologies (installer, packages, PackageMaker, distributions, distribution scripts)
Ipv6-dev Discussion about IPv6 in Mac OS X
Java-dev This list is for technical discussions related to Java on Mac OS X.
LatentSemanticMapping Discussion of Latent Semantic Mapping APIs and technology
Mac-games-dev Discussions of Macintosh games development
Mac-opengl OpenGL on the macintosh
Macapp-dev Development with MacApp
Macnetworkprog Macintosh Network Programming
Macos-x-server OS X Server Mail List
Midatlantic-edu Higher Education in Mid-Atlantic Region
MPW-Dev The MPW-Dev mailing list is for developers who use MPW
Mt-smp Multitasking / Symmetrical Multiprocessing
NM-Edu Mailing list for NM Higher Educational Customers.
Nmt3 List used for music community
Nmt4 [no description available]
Nv-edu Educational information
Objc-language Objective-C/C++ language development discussion list
Openplay-dev Software development discussion for OpenPlay and NetSprockets
Pa-edu This is a mailing list used to distribute technical information that is of interest to K-12 Apple Education Customers throughout the state of Pennsylvania.
PerfOptimization-dev Performance Analysis and Optimization techniques for Mac OS X developers
Podcast-producer A discussion list for users of Podcast Producer
Printing Discussion list for developers of printing software for Mac OS X
Pro-apps-dev Discussion list for developers and content providers working with Apple Pro Applications such as Final Cut Pro, Sondtrack, or Logic Platinum.
Public-libraries Discuss Macs and Apple technology in Public Libraries
Quartz-dev Technical discussion list for Quartz developers
Quartzcomposer-dev Discussion list for users of Quartz Composer
Quicklook-dev A list for developers working with Quick Look, Leopard's technology for previewing documents.
QuickTime-API QuickTime Development
QuickTime-java This list is for the discussion of QuickTime for Java
QuickTime-Users Usage of QuickTIme
QuickTime-VR QuickTime-VR Development
Remote-desktop Discussions of the Apple Remote Desktop product
ResearchKit-Dev Discussion about development / architecture of ResearchKit
ResearchKit-Users Discussion about general usage of ResearchKit
Safari-iPhone-Web-Dev Discuss Safari on iPhone Developement Techniques
Salt Sharing information for state, county, and city government customers to more quickly and successfully implement Apple products
Sandiegok12 Announce list for K-12 educators in the San Diego area
Scitech Topics regarding Apple's support for science and medicine
Security-announce Product security notifications and announcements from Apple
Southeast-edu This is a mailing list used to distribute technical information that is of interest to K-12 Apple Education Customers throughout the Southeast.
Speech-dev A list for Mac OS X developers who wish to discuss implementation of speech recognition and speech synthesis technologies.
Spotlight-dev Discussions regarding developer usage of Spotlight technologies.
Streaming-server-dev Discussion list for QuickTime Streaming Server developers.
Streaming-server-users Discussion list for QuickTime Streaming Server users.
Sunbelt-edu Apple HiEd Listserv For AZ and NM
System-imaging A discussion list for users of NetBoot and NetInstall system imaging tools
Unix-porting Discussions about porting UNIX-based software to Mac OS X
Usb This list is to discuss how to handle Mac OS USB development.
Wa-edu Mailing list for Washington State EDU Apple Customers
Web-dev Client-side and server-side Web and Internet development on the Macintosh
Webkitsdk-dev A discussion list for developers using Apple's WebKit SDK.
Webobjects-deploy WebObjects Deployment
Webobjects-dev WebObjects Development
Wiki-server A discussion list for users of the Apple Wiki Server
Wv-edu This is a mailing list used to distribute technical information that is of interest to K-12 Apple Education Customers throughout the state of West Virginia.
X11-users X11 for Mac OS X discussion list
Xcode-users Community supported Xcode help list
Xgrid-users Using Xgrid for easily running parallel computations on ad-hoc clusters of Macs
Xsan-Users Discussion list for Xsan, Apple's storage area network file system

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