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upside down image
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upside down image

I subclassed NSPopUpButton so I could have it display only the icon but
when clicked it displays the whole menu. It all works great except that
the image in the control is upside down. It's no big deal but after a
while it starts to bug you. I draw the images in an NSTableView as well
and they work fine there. relevant code is shown below.

NSRect drawingRect;
NSRect imageRect;

drawingRect.origin.x = 9;
drawingRect.origin.y = 7;
drawingRect.size.height = 12;
drawingRect.size.width = 12;

imageRect.origin.x = 0;
imageRect.origin.y = 0;
imageRect.size = [statusDot size];

[statusDot drawInRect:drawingRect fromRect:imageRect
operation:NSCompositeSourceOver fraction:1.0];

thanks for any help and happy holidays,
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