Contacting us

Contacting us

Each list has an administrator managing it, and their address is documented in the directory entry for the list. We encourage you to contact them first if it's a list-specific issue, so your request won't be delayed since it'll have to be forwarded to them by the postmasters.

If you have a problem with the system or one of the mailing lists on this site, please send e-mail to <>. This address is only for help in resolving problems involving and the lists we run on the site. We can not answer e-mail involving any other organization at Apple or on issues not involving our lists. We can not release e-mail addresses for people or groups within Apple and because of the volume of mail we get sent, we can't forward mail to other organizations.

If you are trying to contact Apple, please see the page <> for a list of contacts.

Please be patient, we get a lot of requests, and to be fair to everyone we handle them in a first-in first-out basis. It can take us a few days to get to your request.


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