Mailing list netiquette

Here are some tips on being a good citizen on our services:

  • Try to stay on topic -- but realize that topics will wander, just as a regular conversation might. If a topic wanders, be patient, tune out or change the subject. Don't yell at people about it.
  • Keep your messages short -- succinct is good. Long and rambling is not.
  • Spelling and grammar do matter. The Internet is a written medium, and poorly written or sloppy messages make it hard for other users to take the content seriously.
  • Don't guess -- if you don't know the answer to a question, don't guess. Look it up, or let someone else answer it. There are few things more frustrating than asking a question and getting four different answers, only one of which can be right -- and not knowing which one is.
  • Edit included messages in replies to minimize the amount of text. The more you surround your words with included text in a message, the less likely people will find and read them.
  • Make sure your subject line is accurate. The number one complaint we get these days are people who are subscribed to the digest, and reply to a message without changing the subject line -- leaving the generic digest subject on the message. Please don't do this -- take a couple of seconds to change the subject.