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Re: Custom Field Editors
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Re: Custom Field Editors

I don't *know* what's wrong, but here are a couple of thoughts:

* You're not using the designated initializer for the text view. Bad

* Although the documentation for "setUpFieldEditorAttributes:" states
that it can be used for replacing the field editor, I've never done it
that way - and it's not mentioned here:


You might want to consider using the method in the window delegate
instead (if compatible with your design).

* Check to see what field editor is returned when you call "[super
setUpFieldEditorAttributes: fieldEditor]". Is it the one you expect
(ie. your custom shared instance)?

What is the backtrace of the crash?

j o a r

On 2004-08-02, at 19.13, Andrew wrote:

> I am trying to use a custom field editor for my cell but am having
> difficulties. I've tried to make a simple app to isolate the problem.
> I have one window with an NSTableView in it with one column. The cells
> it uses are of the type MyTextFieldCell which inherits from
> NSTextFieldCell. MyTextFieldCell has a class method fieldEditor...
> + (NSTextView *)fieldEditor {
> static NSTextView *secretFieldEditor = NULL;
> if (secretFieldEditor == NULL) {
> secretFieldEditor = [[NSTextView alloc] init];
> [secretFieldEditor setFieldEditor: YES];
> [secretFieldEditor setUsesFontPanel: NO];
> [secretFieldEditor setUsesRuler: NO];
> [secretFieldEditor setUsesFindPanel: NO];
> }
> return secretFieldEditor;
> }
> Then I have overridden setUpFieldEditorAttributes...
> - (NSText *)setUpFieldEditorAttributes:(NSText *)textObj {
> NSText *fieldEditor;
> fieldEditor = [MyTextFieldCell fieldEditor];
> fieldEditor = [super setUpFieldEditorAttributes: fieldEditor];
> // do I need to do this?
> [fieldEditor setDelegate: self];
> return fieldEditor;
> }
> When I run my test app and try to edit the contents of a cell the
> field editor appears (though it doesn't look quite right - more like a
> white rectangle - can't quite say what's wrong with its appearance).
> When I type into the editor however no text appears. None of my
> delegate functions get called. Randomly the app dies with sig 10.
> Would someone give me a few hints? I've read all the docs I can find
> but perhaps I'm missing the obvious...

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