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Double-click and drag word in NSTextView
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Double-click and drag word in NSTextView


I have a custom text view that overrides the copy and
paste methods (-writeSelectionToPasteboard:type:) etc.
I have to do this because my text can have custom
attributes applied, and if I don't use my own
pasteboard type these will get lost.

However, one of my users has noticed that this causes
an annoying "bug": the default behaviour of an
NSTextView is that if you double-click on a word to
select it and then drag and drop the word (or phrase)
somewhere else, spaces will be inserted around it as
necessary ("smartly"). But because I am overriding the
methods that do all this, this behaviour is broken in
my custom text view.

So, my question is, how do I go about reimplementing
this behaviour? ie. How do I detect whether the user
has double-clicked the word to select it, and
therefore know that I have to check the context of the
word when copying and pasting? Is there any way of
doing this, or any other solution?

Many thanks,

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