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Re: Core Data: undo and non-object attribute
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Re: Core Data: undo and non-object attribute

Undo/redo is operating on the primitive values stored by the NSManagedObject. You never set the primitive values for the x and y keys, so they are always nil as far as the undo manager is concerned.

I've tried adding [self setPrimitiveValue:[NSNumber numberWithDouble:value] forKey:@"x"] but it doesn't work anyway. Or perhaps you're suggesting that I should manage undo in my own setPrimitiveValue:forKey?
What exactly are you trying to achieve? Did you read the documentation about ivars in NSManagedObject?

The problem is that I'm using a C-Structure as ivar. CD doesn't seem to like it. In fact, docs report:

"If you choose to represent an attribute using a scalar type (such as int or float), or as one of the structures supported by NSKeyValueCoding (NSRect, NSPoint, NSSize, NSRange), then you should implement accessor methods as illustrated in Listing 2. If you want to use any other attribute type, then you should use a different pattern, described in Non-Standard Attributes."

But it's not clear for me.
Thank you, anyway
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