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NSWindow styleMask warning on bit 0x10
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NSWindow styleMask warning on bit 0x10

I just noticed that everytime I run my project, that I am getting this message on the console:

NSWindow does not support utility styleMask 0x10

I fiddled with the window settings, and tried a new window - same issue.

So, I created a new outlet, dragged a NSWindow out of the palette, connected it to a NSWindowController outlet, and when the NIB was loaded, I printout in hex the styleMask. The new "clean" window has a styleMask of 0xF (thus, bit 0x10 is set).

This all with Xcode 3, IB3, in both 2.x and 3.x formats.


PS: google search of the string shows it in many older (Tiger) console logs posted on the web, but none that address this question.

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