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Re: initWithFrame deosn't get called
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Re: initWithFrame deosn't get called

Try doing it from awakeFromNib:

I had an issue where registerForDraggedTypes wasn't working if called too early, though I forget the details exactly. Moving the registration to awakeFromNib (or even windowControllerDidLoadNib if you have an NSWindowController) fixed it so I didn't investigate the problem too deeply. I got the impression it was because if it's called before the view is added to the window, the registration was ignored, but I may be wrong abut that.



On 30 Jun 2008, at 11:11 pm, Micha Fuhrmann wrote:

How can I call registerForDraggedTypes for each one of the Browser's Matrix as ithey init?


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 >initWithFrame deosn't get called (From: Micha Fuhrmann <email@hidden>)

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