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RE: Style Question (Robert Claeson)
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RE: Style Question (Robert Claeson)

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> the bottom of the page below has one opinion why one style is superior
> the other,
> (at least when it comes to C++ and the way C++ objects behave when
> out
> of scope)

Actually, I couldn't agree more with the documentation!  As a matter of
fact, when I take over someone else's code, the first thing I do is
spend the time needed (however much required) to rearrange the position
of the braces to conform with the documented style indicated in the
above references.  Nevertheless, as I have said in previous posts, the
only thing I really insist on with religious fervor is that coders
include plenty of whitespace in their code.  To me that one choice
improves readability far, far more than any placement of braces style
that one might argue about.

And to forestall a firestorm of objections, let me reinforce the "take
over" part.  If I am merely looking at someone else's code or attempting
a change when the other party is sick (in emergency situations, and only
when pressed by my supervisor), I do my very best to conform to the
style they use.  Only when I am taking over complete control of the
project do I do this.


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