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[moderator] Re: iPhone: Flip core animation performance with images in UIButtons
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[moderator] Re: iPhone: Flip core animation performance with images in UIButtons

On Jun 30, 2008, at 6:53 PM, Richard Adams wrote:

I'm in the process of learning Cocoa/Objective-C and I'm writing some stuff for the iPhone as an exercise.

As stated in the non-disclosure agreement you accepted when you registered for the iPhone program, you are not allowed to talk about the iPhone SDK publicly, or outside of your own organization. That includes this list.

From the list guidelines (mailed to new subscribers and posted here as often as tolerated)

Discussing NDA Projects (Snow Leopard and iPhone OS) and Private API

This list is not an appropriate forum for the discussion of issues that are covered by non-disclosure. This includes Snow Leopard and iPhone OS 2.0. Doing so will violate your NDA and the message will be forwarded to WWDR.

The discussion of Private API is also not appropriate for this list. Using private API is strongly discouraged as it can (and often does) change in future software revisions. If you feel some private API should be made public contact WWDR directly or file a bug using Please do not advocate for those changes here, it isn't effective.


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 >iPhone: Flip core animation performance with images in UIButtons (From: Richard Adams <email@hidden>)

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