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Re: Send click to window
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Re: Send click to window

I finally got clicks forwarding to another process. I made an example
project, available here:

NOTE: You have to setup the project first - in the Globals.h file,
define 'PID' to the process that you want clicks to be forwarded to,
and 'WID' to the window ID of the window in that process. Both these
values can be retrieved from Quartz Debug (Tools > Show Window List).
I tested the event forwarding with Safari.

When you run the project, make the 'event-forwarding' window the same
size as the event-receiver window. Then slightly offset the
event-forwarding window from the receiving window. Click away inside
the forwarding window, and notice how mouse clicks, mouse drags, and
right-mouse clicks are all forwarded to the other process.


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