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EMF radiation vs EMI or RFI or ELF...
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EMF radiation vs EMI or RFI or ELF...

I believe it is EMI that was the subject of concern. I used "EMF" from the original post, in error. I don't believe the original post was referring to ELF at all, but I could be wrong. Best to go to the source on this one. How about it, Stephen Clark?

I believe that David Tobie is correct in his stance on ELF radiation. As he states, there are lots of studies about that. I was not referring to ELF myself, but EMI. Sorry for the confusion.


Are we talking about "EMF"? Do you mean electro-motive force? Or are we talking about ELF? Meaning extra low frequency radiation? Or should we, more properly, be talking about RFI and EMI? That is, radio frequency interference and/or electro-magnetic interference? Actually close proximity to very high field strengths of micro-wave and even radio frequency electro-magnetic fields is not very healthy for people or sensitive electronic devices that are not properly shielded.


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email@hidden wrote:
 In a message dated 6/1/05 3:27:30 PM, email@hidden writes:

I've heard of infrared wavelengths playing havoc with digital capture,
but have never heard of EMF impact on it. However, should a
photographer be subjecting his body to high levels of EMF? Have studies
been completed that indicate proximity to this kind of radiation does
not make us sick? That would tend to make the initial query moot, IMHO.

Actually studies show absolutely no measurable effect of ELF radiation on humans, but people believe what they want to believe, and this has become something of an urban legend. Things as minor as a nearby photocopier are claimed to effect camera capture, so its wise to know whats on the other side of any party walls. Given the inverse square law, getting a little farther from a source reduces any potential effect significantly.

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