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Quicktime and CA audio decoders
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Quicktime and CA audio decoders

Hi everybody!

I'm trying to build a Quicktime audio decoder plugin, consisting of an importer and a decompressor component. The importer component (an oldfashioned Quicktime importer) imports the bitstream to a media of type 'soun' (SoundMediaType). Afterwards I want to decode the imported bitstream with an AudioCodec decoder component, according to the AudioCodec SDK (IM4 Codec).

I think I'm running into problems because the decoder identifies itself with a media subtype of 'adec', and Quicktime tries to feed the movie to a decompressor of subtype 'sdec'. So I'm not able to talk to the decompressor. Changing the subtype in the resources of the AudioCodec from 'adec' to 'sdec' lets me address the decompressor, but then I'm running into problems with the dispatcher and the differing "what-parameters" (the constants, which request the desired action), which are seemingly not identical for 'sdec' and 'adec'.

My questions: Is it obligatory, that the AudioCodecs decoders have a subtype of 'adec'? Or can I influence in another way the subtype Quicktime addresses after importing the movie?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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