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MBox, Digidesign Core Audio drivers, and Java applications
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MBox, Digidesign Core Audio drivers, and Java applications

I have a customer who wants to use my Java application on Mac OS X to record
from an MBox, but the MBox does not show up in the list returned from the Java
call AudioHardware.getAudioDevices( ). From reading this forum, it sounds
like a lot of people have had problems with the MBox, but I did not see that
any discussion of the MBox and the Digidesign Core Audio drivers with respect
to a Java application. I was able to get my hands on an MBox, and I installed
the Core Audio drivers from Digidesign. I am able to get my application to
show up in the list of supported applications in the Digi CoreAudio GUI (after
making changes to Info.plist and PkgInfo), but there is only a single device
returned from getAudioDevices, and that's the built-in audio. My customer is
eager to use the MBox with my application. Can anyone lend a hand here? I
wrote to Digi with this question, but I have not heard back yet.

I have tried changing the input and output selections in the System Sound
preferences to the MBox and back to the default, but there was never any
change seen in the application. I realize that the Digi drivers are single
client, but there are no other applications using the MBox. Also, the
customer said he is able to get iTunes to play its output through the MBox so
the drivers themselves are operational, right?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Tim Krein
Cornell University
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