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Newbie trying to play mp3 files instead wav files
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Newbie trying to play mp3 files instead wav files

Hi everyone.

I am very new to CoreAudio API, and trying to make my program play
*.mp3 files instead *.wav files.
As you know a *.wav file is like 10 times bigger than a mp3, so that's
my principal reason.

I am basically using iPhone's sample code. SpeakHere Classes.

At first I thought it would be enough to change the 3rd parameter of
AudioFileOpenURL function  from "kAudioFileCAFType" to
"kAudioFileMP3Type", but it seems that this is just for opening the
file. So the mp3 file is not being played.

I wonder what other changes do I need to do in order to accomplish
mp3 files being played?

Thanks in Advance.
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