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Re: CPAN make problem on OS X 10.4
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Re: CPAN make problem on OS X 10.4

On 8/5/07, akobuije chijioke <email@hidden> wrote:
> ------------------------
> Writing Makefile for HTML::Tagset
>     -- NOT OK
> Running make test
>   Can't test without successful make

That's an odd-looking progression.  In order to get a (possibly) more
informative error message, try this

$ /usr/bin/cpan                          # Fire up the cpan shell
cpan> look HTML::Tagset        # Shell out to the HTML::Tagset build directory
$ perl Makefile.PL                     # Generate a Makefile
$ make                                      # and use it to build the module

If it fails, please send the error message(s), and we can try to
figure out what's happening.

Charles Bailey
Lists: bailey _dot_ charles _at_ gmail _dot_ com
Other: bailey _at_ newman _dot_ upenn _dot_ edu
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