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Mac OS X System (10.3.9) deletes itself - bug or virus?
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Mac OS X System (10.3.9) deletes itself - bug or virus?

I encounter a weird system behavior; the system (10.3.9 Build 7W98, Powerbook G4 17") deletes itself. Now for the fourth time (since a month or so). If the computer is on, it always starts at 3AM when the cron job starts, compressing all log files etc. But accidentally(?) starts cleaning up the whole system partition (everything below the main directories in /. I first thought I made somehow a misstake (e.g. creating a soft link in / which shouldn't be there). The second time I was not sure, too (I found a strange .file which shouldn't be there and which was new and not created by myself). But now, after the fourth time, I suspect something else (there is again a file I am not sure about; /.hotfiles.btree with root admin 65536; if I remember right with different name than before). For security reasons, I always install the system on a separate partition. In this case, it prevented that all my files were deleted. Only insensitive system files are affected, which I can easily reinstall by booting from an external firewire disk (used as backup and always with me). Nevertheless, it is annoying! Could it be that somehow a re-installation of the system leads to this odd behavior? Two things I recently did; a software update via Internet (Option Apple -> Software Update), and, I used the restore option of disk utility for the backup (and re-installion) of the system after I changed to a 160GB disk (new and empty, internal). Since then all the trouble ... And, also since then, for some reasons, the option 'More Info ...' (Apple -> About this Mac') is disabled, too.

Any suggestion to fix this would be highly appreciated (before upgrading to Leopard / new MacBook :) ...

Thanks in advance


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