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Re: getaddrinfo() starts failing with EAI_AGAIN (again) (Jamus Jegier)
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Re: getaddrinfo() starts failing with EAI_AGAIN (again) (Jamus Jegier)

I installed Nagios, which frequently forks processes to verify the  
status of network hosts.  After about 8 hours, all child processes  
start failing with EAI_AGAIN.

Under the Nagios parent process, dig works, but ping doesn't.  Both  
DNS and Bonjour lookups begin to fail.

Hi Jamus

How is the Nagios parent process started - command line, ssh or from launchd?

The key words you are looking for are: Mach bootstrap context

The solution for my buildbot/svn/getaddrinfo issue that you refer back to was to use launchd to start the parent:

"To avoid wasting memory, currently the login context is destroyed when the user logs out (or shortly thereafter). This behavior may change in the future, however. In the current implementation, programs started by the user will no longer be able to look up Mach ports after logout. If a program does not need to do any port lookup, it will not be affected. Other programs will terminate, hang, or behave erratically."

-- Peter Oberauer

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