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.NET Web Services using Cocoa
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.NET Web Services using Cocoa


Fist off I am a proud new member to the Cocoa developement community. However I have a couple of questions. In my recent adventure I have been able to successfully learn objective-c and a small portion of the Cocoa API and make a really neat threading application. I am currently working on being able to connect to a .NET Web Service written in C#. Well, I have been able to do that and figure out how to pass parameters into the service and return results as well. With great use of on-line documentation and forums, I have been able to pull this stuff off fairly quick. However I need to get more into the nitty gritty of things. I would like to know:

a) Is there a function call or utility on Mac OS X to get me the result SOAP-XML request going to my .NET Web Service? Vice versa? I am using the standard
result = (NSDictionary*)WSMethodInvocationInvoke(soapCall); to make my calls.
I know there is tcpdump...but is there something that is a little more usable?

b) I am attemting to parse a .NET DataSet. Are there any good articles on how to do this or is there a set of objects that I can use in cocoa to be able to pull this off. If not, what is my best alternative?

My initial post was in the Cocoa Development forum and I received this message from Ed, which is why I am here..
Glancing at the Web Services Core docs (as I imagine you did), I  
didn't see any obvious way to do this. To get this level of control,
you might have to drop to a lower level (CFHTTP). If you have access
to it on the .NET end, you could try doing something hackish like
sending the request back as part of the response.

I would recommend reposting your question to the macnetworkprog list
more likely to be someone knowledgeable (like Jeremy Wyld of Apple)
monitoring things.

Note: This may help, Currently I am trying to do the DataSet object
in Cocoa. I was wondering if there would be a good alternative rather
than a dataset...maybe returning just some sort of array from the Web

In short...basically I need to be able to return results from a .NET

Web Service and iterate through a collection of objects, most likely

I did use tcpdump to verify that I am receiving the correct response. The data
is there, all the soap header and envelop information...I just need to be able to
access it using my application. That is where I am getting hung up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. -Jerrod Fowkes

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