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Re: Meta key + key equiv
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Re: Meta key + key equiv

Ok, further to this, I've tried disabling command-<number> using Interface
Builder on X11's main.nib (no, I don't really know what I'm doing) but I
can't get to the windows that are dynamically created in the Window menu.
I only seem able to edit attributes (and hence key equivalents) for static
objects in the menus.

What am I missing? :)

On Thu, 11 Dec 2003, Paul Day wrote:
> I liked the X11 beta - it stole the meta key for copy and paste which was
> fine and I could flick between X apps with command-`. But now in the final
> release they've taken command-<number> to choose which X app, which means
> I can no longer send meta-<number> to the numerous X apps that need it.
> Disable the key equivalents in preferences I hear you ask? Yes, but I like
> command-c for copying out of X into the normal clipboard instead of having
> to go edit -> copy in the menus.
> Yes, I'm hard to please, aren't I. :) So is there a way to:
> - Disable stealing of meta-<number> to command-<number> while still
> leaving the command-c and v, OR
> - Making highlighting of text automatically copies it straight to the OSX
> clipboard (not just the X11 clipboard) meaning I can disable key equivs.
> Thanks in advance.
> PD

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 >Meta key + key equiv (From: Paul Day <email@hidden>)

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