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Re: "Right-click" in X11, on laptop
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Re: "Right-click" in X11, on laptop

FYI - I use xclipboard as replacement for the xterm, when starting X11, to
have it available @ start-up - that one allows me the CMD-C/CMD-V outside
X11, and CTRL-C/CTRL-V inside X11, seamless copy/paste between apps ou/in


On Wednesday 26 December 2007 11:45:34 Adam D. I. Kramer wrote:
> Heh, forgot to put this one into my other email full of problems. :)
> I also, on my powerbook G4, have this problem. Fortunately, I have a mouse
> to keep plugged in, but if I'm running trackpad-only, I'm basically forced
> to run everything in "screen" so I have a copy-paste feature. :-\
> --Adam
> On Wed, 26 Dec 2007, Netfortius wrote:
> > Using on MacBook Pro
> > (PPC-based), under Leopard: while a USB-connected mouse behaves properly
> > when using the "right" button, the sequence I was previously using with
> > the touchpad on the laptop (no mouse attached), to emulate "right button"
> > behavior (CMD + touchpad "click") does not work, anymore. I have
> > attempted all possible sequences of keys with the touchpad (ALT, CTRL,
> > SHIFT, CMD, etc.) and even combination of multiple at once, to no avail
> > ... any ideas?
> >
> > Just for completeness of info: one of the X11 applications for which I
> > have been in dire need of this function is kmail, where the "right-click"
> > on an email address, for example, enables very useful menu (adding to
> > contacts, updates, etc.).
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Stefan
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