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Cmath and math.h Changes in Xcode 2.4
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Cmath and math.h Changes in Xcode 2.4

Was there some change to Xcode (and the entire tool chain) in Xcode 2.4 that
would affect the isnan(x) function?

I have now come across two open source packages that get hung up on
"isnan(x) is undeclared in this context"  type errors.

The projects are OpenSceneGraph ( and ITK

In ITK's case I had to change a #define to look like the following:

#if defined(__APPLE__)
#if (__GNUC__ >= 4)
  #include <cmath>
  #define isnan(x) std::isnan(x)
  #include <math.h>
  #define isnan(x) __isnand((double)x)

Where as it used to be just:
#if defined(__APPLE__)
  #include <math.h>
  #define isnan(x) __isnand((double)x)

 Just curious....

Mike Jackson
imikejackson <at> gmail <dot> com

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