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Re: scripting the Airport menu
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Re: scripting the Airport menu

on 2005-12-19 9:26 PM, doug rogers at email@hidden wrote:

> On 19-Dec-05, at 3:01 PM, email@hidden
> wrote:
>>> Is there any way to script selecting/clicking on items in the Airport
>>> Icon menu popup menu's in the Finder
>> It's possible with Jean-Baptiste's XNetwork.osax.
> It doesn't address any submenu or popup menu items. I still connect
> on dialup, so I need to go through Airport to tell the Airport modem
> to dial. Gui scripting seems the only way to get there. Bill's script
> worked fine the first time as far as finding the menu and toggling
> Airport itself off and on. I now need to dig into getting the popup
> menu item.

Don't forget to look at the Internet Connect application in your
Applications folder, which recognizes 'AirPort configuration' objects based
on the ports you have activated in the Network pane of System Preferences.
It has a good dictionary, although there seem to be some bugs in its
implementation and the syntax is a little tricky. It includes a 'connect'


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